Step 3- Collect Evidence and Midyear review with Principal- January

Voice Thread to Prepare a Midyear SLO

What supports can be given to meet SLO's?

Time for collaboration
Feedback from Instructional coaches, colleagues, and principals,
Lab classrooms
PLC (Professional Learning Communities) Conversations
Collaboratively Evaluating student work
Professional development
Data talks

What evidence should I collect?

Reflections on actions

What do I do to prepare for the midyear conference?

What does a midyear conference look like?
reflect choose act.png


What is the progress your individual students are making toward the SLO?
Does your goal need revision to make it attainable yet rigorous?
How the the actions you are taking impacting student learning?
What additional support do you need?
What additional actions can you take?


Updated goal
Updated actions


Continue actions and data collection