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The goal of this is to support the writing of a strong Student Learning Objective to...

1. Improve student learning
2. Continually improve educator effectiveness
3. Support best practices in teaching, learning and assessment
4. Use collaboration to improve student learning


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What is an SLO?
Student Learning Objectives are detailed, measurable goals for student academic growth to be achieved in a specified period of time (typically an academic year), and developed collaboratively by educators and their supervisors. SLOs are based on student learning needs identified by a review of data reflecting students’ baseline skills. SLOs are intended to provide educators with opportunities to demonstrate their students’ academic growth by setting rigorous, attainable goals for student achievement that are aligned to standards and to the instruction that teachers provide on a daily basis. - See more at: http://ee.dpi.wi.gov/slo/defined#sthash.S4YuzsFD.dpuf

What is a basic overview of an SLO?

How does it compare to HPDP (Hudson Professional Development Plan)?

How is it like a SMART Goal?
Our SMART Goal process in Hudson has been used as school wide attainment goals.
These are goals your specific classroom and focus more on growth than attainment.
They both follow the SMART criteria.
S- Specific
M- Measureable
A- Attainable
R- Results oriented
T- Timebound

How does it follow the data cycle?

This was created by the Hudson High School Principal Peg Shoemaker

What is in the news regarding SLO's?




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What is the timeline?

Sept.- Collect Baseline Data

Oct.- Write SLO

Nov- Approve SLO

Dec.- Collect Evidence

Jan.- Midyear Conference

Feb.- Collect Evidence

March- Collect Evidence

April- Collect Evidence

May- Goal Approval